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Books and writing

In a recent comment on my post “Fragments of Ektos/Modernism’s Delirium”, Steve/Noir-Realism wondered if I had a plans for a book tying together the many disparate strands that I’ve been putting up on my blog. Indeed, I originally conceived of … Continue reading

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Nomad Culture

Gilles Deleuze: Faced with the decoding of our societies, the leaking away of our codes, Nietzsche is the one who does not endeavor to recode. He says: things still haven’t gone far enough, you are just children yet (“the equalizing … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Tiqqun on speed and strategy

People have often insisted — T.E. Lawrence is no exception — on the kinetic dimensions of politics and war as a strategic counterpoint to a quantitative concept of relations of force. That’s the typical guerrilla perspective as opposed to the … Continue reading

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Fragments of Ektos/Modernism’s Delirium (Post I)

Ektos – Greek: outside, beyond the outside, exterior, outside of beyond, besides, except. “Since the end of the eighteenth century, the life of unreason no longer manifests itself except in the lightning-flash works such as those of Holderin, of Nerval, … Continue reading

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Radical Therapeutics: Family Therapy and the Politics of Chance

“Perhaps the domain of family therapy was postmodern before its time, eschewing a vision of progress toward a progressively revealed ‘truth’ for one in which the coexistence of multiple voices allows us to contribute to the richness of our unique … Continue reading

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16 Beaver Group: “Networked Leninism”

There looks to be an interesting discussion going on with the 16 Beaver Group tomorrow evening, for anyone in New York City that is interested. Things like this are certainly pertinent to talk about, especially in light of the recent … Continue reading

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Questions concerning the place of imagination in cosmology… (while reading Ed Casey and Catherine Keller)

Originally posted on Footnotes2Plato:
“In my view the creation of the world is the first unconscious act of speculative thought; and the first task of a self-conscious philosophy is to explain how it has been done.” -Whitehead Four of…

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Living in Abstraction: Sonic Aspects of the Spectacle

The most famous of the dictums to be found in the Situationist’s oeuvre is from Debord’s Society of the Spectacle: “The spectacle is capital accumulated to the point where it becomes images.” In Debord’s days, it was hard to miss this … Continue reading

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Quotes from Lyotard: Nietzsche, Cage, and Capitalism

Here’s a couple of quotes, courtesy of Lyotard, on Nietzsche and capitalism; what he’s saying, it seems to me, poetically points directly to the complicated abyss forming the hollow core of postmodernism, a void that makes Control’s Spectacle and the … Continue reading

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