Roberto Freire on the security and freedom


Risk is synonymous with freedom. Power is established in the search for security. A person who likes risk and adventure has accepted insecurity, because she has her own utopia, she lives for satisfying, at any cost, her need for pleasure. The highest form of security is slavery. Being slaves, we are someone’s property, we do not run any risk so long as we obey the fundamental rule of slavery: to not be free, to not have a choice.1

1Quoted in The Nanopolitics Group Nanopolitics Handbook Minor Compositions, 2013, pg. 97

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4 Responses to Roberto Freire on the security and freedom

  1. dmf says:

    somehow my life seems to be ever more exposed to risk and ever less free…

    • edmundberger says:

      I feel you, Dirk, and I find myself in a similar state in my own life – the precarity of our social relations and economic conditions is reflected within myself. Freedom? Maybe we are close to this rather abstract concept, but the anxieties of the psyche are not an affective and emotive sense of freedom in any sense of the word. I think it was Bifo who pointed out that the Italians of ’77 looked for a precarious life, but we now have precarity as a fundamental condition bound up in cyclical bouts of crisis and control. I do wonder, though, if we can separate the risky lifestyle of our neoliberal reality with the more resistive and adaptive risks spoken of by Freire. Freire wrote under the shadow of a harsh dictatorship; he was submitted to torture and each day was a terrain of struggle across multiple scales. Resistance itself was risk; to breathe deep and look forward to a proverbial “something else” was also something to do at extreme risk. Today, to dare to speak against a torrent of ‘norms’ is to risk. We’re in dangerous waters, both physically and mentally – and the in-betweens! – but to try to navigate ourselves towards calmer waters or even a shore constitutes a risk, an adventure.

      • dmf says:

        yes thanks, tho I think we are past hero’s and their journeys, seems more like bricolage (for me the image that comes to mind is peasants in Cambodia who turned our spent bombshells into watering troughs) to me than adventuring, either way I appreciate the call to courage and action, if yer an xmas person hope it’s a good one.

  2. edmundberger says:

    Cautious optimism, as always! And a good xmas to you and yours,

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