Movement, Counter-paradigm chart (incomplete)



Movement Years Reacting to Counter-paradigm Characteristics
Wartime/post-war liberalism mid-1930s-late 1950s Authoritarian Personality” Democratic Personality” Multiculturalism, openness, participation
Post-war avant-garde 1942-1960 Liberal corporatism Active experience Spontaneity, participation, self-organization, Eastern philosophy
New Left 1960-1972 Liberalism corporatism, Marxist-Leninism Authentic experience Direct democracy, horizontalism, spontaneity, everyday militancy
Psychedelic” counterculture 1964-1972 Modernity Non-modern self Everyday experimentation, communalism, openness, Eastern philosophy
Punk 1976-1979 Corporatization Negation, refusal Rejection, provocation, amateurism, D.I.Y., anger
Industrial 1978-late 1980s Homogenization, informationalization Appropriation, modification Provocation, D.I.Y, fetishism, alterations to human form
Cyberpunk 1981-mid 1990s Corporatization, informationalization Posthumanism, Appropriation Digitalization, D.I.Y., distributed networks, computer-based militancy
Hacker subculture 1984-mid 1990s Closed information Open information Anonymity, digitalization, secrecy, distributed networks
Global Justice Movement 1994-2001 Globlization Alter-globalization Direct democracy, aestheticization, distributed networks, communication
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