Mathematical Man


The Turing test always rested on the presumption that we have some obvious and clear example of the pre-computerized subject against which to compare the ambiguous example. But we are made by and of our media, our computers. There no gold standard of the human. Our subjectivities are all cyborgian collages of flesh with signs and images, and with past and present tech. There’s no place to retreat to from the digital optic. – McKenzie Wark “Where next for media theory?

The Mathematical Man

  • Is always organized
  • Is always rational
  • Is flexible
  • Is always eager to measure risk and reward
  • Is creative in his thinking, autonomous in his actions
  • Is always willing to make connections
  • Is part of a team
  • Is willing to work for his desires
  • Is technologically-savy
  • Is educated
  • Is his own person

The Mathematical Man

  • Is the byproduct of an elaborate composition of force stemming from the relationship between social systems, technology, and economic orthodoxy
  • Is calibrated by game theory
  • Is mechanized by cybernetic theory
  • Is made creative and autonomous by political necessity
  • Is a node in a network
  • Is a social creature, but one whose relations are mediated by communication-technology
  • Is under constant surveillance
  • Is content only with upward-mobility in corporate system
  • Is living everyday life in a succession of modulating non-spaces
  • Is every one of us

The Mathematical Man does not ask “why,” only “how” in the context of the options presented before him.

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