Ironic Accelerationism


From the weird worlds of the forgotten 90s and early 2000s avant-politico subcultures:

Decadent Action are a High Street anarchist-guerrilla organisation whose main aim is to destroy the capitalist system by a leisurely campaign of good living and overspending. We plan to achieve our aim by making capitalism fall on its own sword. If you neglect and ignore capitalism it will not go away, but feed it to excess for long enough and it will eventually burst.

We use the simple economic principles of supply and demand with their intrinsic link to inflation to establish the correctness of our theories. The state must control these factors to run the economy efficiently: throw in the wild card of massive irrational overspending on seemingly random luxury goods and the government is unable to take control. This will lead to hyperinflation and large-scale social unrest, in turn leading to the collapse of the monetary system and disintegration of the state apparatus.

Found in Stewart Home’s Mind Invaders: A Reader in Psychic Warfare, Cultural Sabotage, and Semiotic Terrorism (Serpent’s Tail, 1997, pgs. 1-3)

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  1. Reblogged this on Guerrilla Concepts and commented:
    Keeping this for easy reference for an article on “applied” accelerationism coming soon. We’ll keep it in our storage, and safe from other thieves.

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