Machine-Oriented Architecture: Experiments in Absolute Architecture

Larval Subjects .

11011300_884092158277544_2781025595783320842_n Gilles Retskin and I at the mid-term student review of their work.

For anyone who is interested, here is the text of my talk before the College of Architecture at Texas A&M (btexasa&marchitecture).  In light of that event and the extraordinary work and architectural thought I witnessed there, much of what I develop here will have to be rethought.  Accordingly, I’ve resolved to delve into architectural theory and history to further develop my thought.  At present I’m striving to define just what sort of machine architecture is.  My working definition is that architecture is a spatio-hyletic experimentation with the void.  “Hyle”, of course, is the Greek word for matter.  The reference to hyle, I hope, distinguishes architectural thought and invention from the mathematical disciplines of geometry and topology.  These are, of course, of the greatest relevance to architectural experimentation (and here I would also add the arrow…

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