Resonance Machines: From Reflection to Refraction in Protest Movements, Carbon Credit Markets, and Radio Stations


In a recent article in The Atlantic, Sara Horowitz, the founder of the amazing organization The Freelancers Union, describes various new forms of economic  subjectivity in what she calls ‘The Sharing Economy,’ here’s some quotes:

Kickstarter. Zipcar. Shareable. Etsy. Kiva. Prosper. Airbnb.

These and other “collective consumption” companies are part of the new economy arising out of necessity, as traditional businesses and government are increasingly unable to meet Americans’ needs and provide basic supports.

This sharing economy is based on people coming together to create their own markets (Airbnb), their own products, (Etsy), and their own currency (TimeBanks). It relies on shared needs, trust, and the belief that the group is stronger than the individual . . . collective purchasing and goods exchange (Zipcar and SnapGoods), solving social problems (Open Ideo), aggregating information (Ushahidi), financial lending (Prosper

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