Private Property, Urbanisation and the Territorialisation of Debt


First appearing in Real Estates: Life without Debt

Life and property, being and having, person and thing are pressed up together in a mutual relation that makes of one both the content and the container of the other.

Roberto Esposito

Private property has come both to reside at the centre of our individual lives and to spill beyond the horizon of our political imagination. It is also the mechanism which transformed forever the notion of debt, displacing it from its ethical form, as a bond between people, and embedding it into a totalising mechanism of modern economic sovereignty.

Lazzarato’s punchy exegesis on debt argues that debt is the originary apparatus of subjectivity (creditor-debtor relation) which develops its intimate purchase on the subject from its most ancient configurations, through capitalism, to the contemporary neo-liberal debt economy, bearing evermore deeply into the construction of the self. Reading Marx and Nietzsche (via Deleuze)…

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