“Police power is emergency power, always” – profiling, state power, and drones

For Another Critique of the Pyramid

The title for this post comes from Tyler Wall’s talk at the aforementioned “Reconfiguring Global Space” conference in Bloomington, Indiana. Priya Satia, Tyler Wall, Geoff Boyce, and Mark Neocleous presented in the first session on the first day of the conference. Their papers introduced a theme or line of questions that ran through our discussions in the subsequent days. In what sense are drones distinctive? Are drones better understood as instantiations of a longer running police logic? Wall’s argument – “drone strikes are a genus of police violence” – was most clearly inspired by Neocleous’ publications (e.g., The Fabrication of Social Order). Presenters later in the week would find inspiration elsewhere. For example, Andrea Miller would read Louise Amore’s work on the ontology of association undergirding preemptive governance of the incalculable to put her finger on the “drone logic” of domestic policing.

Across the presentations, I…

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