The New Prometheans: Technology and the Dreams of Reason

The Dark Fantastic: Literature, Philosophy, and Digital Arts


What shall we do with time? – Ray Brassier

Ray Brassier in the Accelerationist Reader which I’ve written about in another post will offer a critique of the theological underpinnings of Jean Pierre-Dupuy’s antagonistic stance against the new “convergence technologies” (NBIC). Dupuy in his defense would rely on Hannah Arendt’s The Human Condition which was itself influence by Martin Heidegger’s notions of Dasein and finitude. Without going back over all this in detail I only want to go back to the heart of Brassier’s argument which dealt with Dupuy’s insistence that a balance or equilibrium must be maintained between the made and the given otherwise the dreams of reason may spawn monstrosities and introduce a disequilibrium into existence.  Against such a notion Brassier will state:

What I want to suggest is that it is precisely this assumption of equilibrium that is theological; it is the claim that there is a ‘way of the world’…

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