Cognitive Ecology: The Hard-Wiring of Human/Natural Systems

Southern Nights


How does the environment shape the ways an animal processes information and makes decisions? How do constraints imposed on nervous systems affect an animal’s activities?  My friend R. Scott Bakker of Three Pound Brain commenting on my post on Kevin Kelley mentioned Daniel Dennett’s recent critique of the dilemmas of the notion of Singularity at the Scott expounding on this said:

I think Dennett completely misses the point of the Singularity, but his view on the problems arising out of the proliferation of special AI strike me as sound.

Dennett’s never sat down to work out an understanding of cognitive ecology, so I think what he says suffers for want of clarity. But this is what he’s angling at, and to that extent I’m inclined to agree with him. His whole position (like mine) turns on evolution sculpting pre-established harmonies between biological systems. Now we’re in the…

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