Mobile Society, Income Inequality, and the Postmodern Condition

Deconstructionally Insane

In sections four and five of Lyotard’s The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge, he talks about social bonds. He particularly talks about perspectives with which to view sociological constructs in a technocratic, postmodern society. He says we have either seen society as one whole, organized, cohesive unit, or we have seen society as broken down into separate pieces. Lyotard says:

‘… it is fair to say that in principle there have been, at least over the last half-century, two basic representational models for society: either society forms a functional whole, or it is divided in two’ (11).

He is leading up to make the point that neither of these perspectives are adequate with which to look at society, but that a postmodern perspective is necessary because:

‘… the alternative it [perspective of opposites] attempts to resolve, but only reproduces, is no longer relevant for the societies with which…

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