New Orleans: Recovery or Removal?

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4 Responses to New Orleans: Recovery or Removal?

  1. Reblogged this on For Another Critique of the Pyramid and commented:
    A short documentary for undergraduate teaching, it will complement my existing unit in Cultural Geography around ‘Tremé’ — both Michael Crutcher’s book ( and David Simon’s show (

    • dmf says:

      be interested in what yer students make of it as far away in time/place as it likely will be for them

      • I taught Crutcher’s book last year and – a testament to good storytelling – the students liked it. I’m hopeful that this year I can make something of the ten year commemorations. Some of my colleagues have organized a travel-learning class to N.O., which provides some space for what I do in Cultural Geography. But you’re right to imagine that most of my students feel quite distant from Katrina.

      • dmf says:

        it’s good that you are trying, seems that academia (like the rest of us) hasn’t really come to terms with the limits of how much (and how little) information can make real to folks, and now with all the new e-platforms being employed the gaps just grow, lots of room for reflection/re-orientation for the bold researcher.

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