Robotic Futures: Military and Peacetime

Southern Nights


Doing a little research on the current robotics challenge that DARPA has put on for the past few years has been interesting to say the least. In an article by Connelly LaMar and Brian Anderson The Dawn of Killer Robotswe discover the current work being done on a few projects within the U.S.A..

The notion of building humanoid robots became more and more apparent when the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. (see the documentary below) In this incident the Japanese and other countries were tasked with implementing a robotics system that could explore, record, and use tools to fix and coordinate efforts to stabilize the nuclear facility. All parties involved realized that the most optimal design for such an effort would need to be humanoid. So several countries have set up challenges to offer companies incentives to come up with a solution.

Some of the top humanoid robots in…

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