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Rojava Recovery Volunteers

Hey Petros, I want to publish this article on your website anonymously.
Don’t give out my name or email.

That is the request I received in today’s email. so here it is. Unchanged, unedited message from one of comrades in Rojava. In the spirit of freedom and solidarity.

The time of theory is over. Now is the time of action.

I’ve been in Rojava since half a year working in various areas of society which has given me the unique opportunity to get a good overview of the system in action. My libertarian philosophy and practical experience puts me very close to the revolutionaries of Rojava, and they like to hear my ideas or criticism.

I’m writing this article after seeing the article titled:

“We should not let Kobane and the rest of Rojava to be defeated by the big corporations and the international financial institutions”

To which my response…

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alienist @ large, mostly on foot
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