The Medium of Contingency

“The notion of ‘contingency’ has become crucial both in contemporary philosophy, and, as the artists in this show suggest, in contemporary art. If thought and practice are to abandon the idealism of autonomy and acknowledge the networks they are a part of, the question becomes one of developing a thought and a practice that opens to contingency. The discussion will explore how works of art write contingency into the present; are in turn written by the contingency of their materials; and how these exchanges interact with the market.
The discussion will include co-organizer Robin Mackay, editor of the transdisciplinary journal Collapse; Reza Negarestani, Iranian philosopher and author of Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials, will join via live link form Malaysia; Elie Ayache, options trader and author of The Blank Swan; Matthew Poole, freelance curator, writer, and Director of The Centre for Curatorial Studies at The University of Essex; artist Scott Lyall; and co-organizer Miguel Abreu.”


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alienist @ large, mostly on foot
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