Retooling Organization Man for the Uber Age?

” Within the bulk, people are working under precarious conditions, dreaming about their future breakthrough. Meticulous day-to-day efforts are overshadowed by the exceptional.
As a consequence, gig workers have to be apt to participate with varying intensities in different networks. Most importantly, though, they have to be on the lookout for accomplices. In her own experience as a nomadic, internationally collaborating cultural theorist, Gesa Ziemer recognized that traditional notions like friendship, teamwork, colleagues or collectives were ill-equipped to characterize the kind of working relationships she had experienced. Consequently, she hijacked the termcomplicity from the criminal realm.
Accomplices act collectively in small groups, in an affective and aesthetic mode to creatively cross established frontiers; an intense, often times coincidental relationship with a clear cut once the complicity ends. Our unpredictable transitional time demands attentiveness for the emergence of co-creative journeys at any time and pushes the organizational man to morph into a complicit gigger.”
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