People Of Cizre Vow Resistance Will Continue As Curfew Lifted

The Rojava Report


Speaking of their anger at Turkish state for carrying out attacks that terrorized the city for days and killed dozens of local civilians, residents of Cizîr (Cizre) have vowed that the resistance in the city will continue, reports a new article from DİHA and carried in Özgür Gündem.

The people of Cizîr poured out onto the streets to celebrate victory this morning as the curfew was lifted at 07:00  local time. The people had Cizîr had suffered through a siege of state terror for the past 8 days, since the curfew was first imposed on September 4th.

As the people emerged from their houses onto the streets and avenues of the city they also encountered HDP MPs, lawyers and health workers who had come to Cizîr to give their support but for who days were prevented from entering the city by the Turkish security services. Thousands of locals joined in…

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