new Climate Disobedience Center

“For 30 years environmentalists have attempted to change the United State’s and world’s trajectory on fossil fuel emissions through incremental reform efforts. Drawing on conventional wisdom, environmental advocates believed their efforts would lead to sufficient incremental change to avert disaster. Those efforts have failed, and in the ensuing decades the magnitude and urgency of the crisis has escalated dramatically.
We recognize that what is needed is a massive, decisive end to the fossil fuel era to avert the worst cascading effects of the climate crisis, and that civil disobedience will play a critical role in bringing this about.
Climate activists engaging in civil disobedience, the Climate Disobedience Center exists to get your back. Rather than a set curriculum, we offer flexible services to help meet the needs of activists and organizing communities. Everything we do revolves around our principles instead of a structure. Our goal is to encourage experimentation that expands the boundaries of climate movement organizing. We aren’t looking for foot soldiers, but partners in experimentation.
If you and your community want to do civil disobedience but aren’t sure where or how to start, the CDC can facilitate trainings that help you pull off a successful campaign.
If you have already taken action and gotten into some good trouble, the CDC can help you make the most of it. We can help you craft your strategy inside and outside the courtroom.
For activists who are taking bold, creative and principled action against the fossil fuel industry, we provide our services, from phone consultation to extended on-the-ground organizing, free of charge.”

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alienist @ large, mostly on foot
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