A Materialist’s Stories about Media -Cao Xuenan

“Materialist positions have recently gained currency in media scholarship, much in a trend to turn away from the linguistic focus that communication studies has inherited from the critical theory and social science contexts. This turn is a search for the missing stories that social science studies and Marxism-guided critical analyses would not seek with their legitimate questions which place their focus on the agency of media and subjectivity of their human users. Stories of mediation (as opposed to with media) are obliterated. This essay is a walkthrough of several dominant positions in this turn, connecting theoretical pieces traversing contemporary philosophy, political economy, and quantum physics on the “materiality” of mediation, hopefully hereby reformulating some of the problematics in media studies.”

rest @ http://newmaterialismsociety.co/wordpress/2015/08/22/a-materialists-stories-about-media/


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