Stuart Elden, “Territory – Political Technology, Volume, Terrain”, video of Architectural Association lecture

Progressive Geographies

The video of my lecture on “Territory – Political Technology, Volume, Terrain“, given as a Landscape Urbanism Open School Event, Architectural Association lecture on  7/10/2015 is now available. The volume is very quiet, and it begins a few moments in due to a recording problem. For those that know what I’ve published on these topics, there will not be much new, but this was for an MA student audience, and may be a good introduction to my work.

Territory is a political and geographical notion, of course, but can only be adequately understood if we understand its implications in a range of registers, including economic, strategic, legal, and technical ones. Territory can be un- derstood, following Foucault, as a political technology – not simply as a container or site of political struggle, but as a contested political process.

The particular focus of this talk will be on the physical…

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