Deleuze, a Split with Foucault (2015)

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Mathias Schönher, Deleuze, a Split with Foucault, Foucault Blog, October 17, 2015
DOI: 10.13095/uzh.fsw.fb.117)


There was a point in time, wrote Deleuze in 1990, before which he had been a political follower of Foucault, and after which he no longer shared Foucault’s “evaluation” of many issues.[1] This moment must have come in 1977, when Deleuze and Foucault found themselves in quite obvious mutual opposition, first in the debate over the New Philosophers and then in relation to the Croissant case. 1977 was the year of the German Autumn, as well as of the strongest protest and resistance movement of the Autonomia Operaia in Italy. It was, however, also a year of struggles in the Parisian universities, as well as among French intellectuals. Badiou stormed a lecture by Deleuze at…

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