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Exhaustion & Refusal after Deleuze on Beckett

Originally posted on synthetic zerø:
“Andrew Goffey’s A Relentless Spinozism? In one of his final essays, The Exhausted, a reading of Samuel Beckett that was published as an accompaniment to a number of Beckett’s works for television, Gilles Deleuze characterised…

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Hubris or the Myth of Power w/ C.J.Campbell & Gad Horowitz

“In his labyrinthine classic Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Gregory Bateson redefines hubris as the “lack of systemic wisdom,” the tragic blindness that occurs when any part of an ecological system ignores the fact that it is participating in … Continue reading

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Bogdanov and Socialist Ecologies

…in his book A Short Course of Economic Science, Bogdanov refers to a socialist society as being “based not on exchange but on natural self-sufficing economy” (Bogdanov 1919/1923). This book was written from the perspective of Bogdanov’s new science of … Continue reading

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Foucault: Civil Society & On Government of the Living

Originally posted on Progressive Geographies:
Foucault Studies 20 is now published. It’s a very large issue of 371 pages, all available open access. There is a theme section on ‘Civil Society’, a number of other articles and reviews, and a review…

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Learning the Future: Bogdanov, Neurath, and Scientific Socialism

Socialism has had a sort of poor track record as of late when it comes to science and technology. From Stalin’s violent repression of Mendelian genetics (and privileging of the pseudo-science of Trofim Lysenko) to the modern contemporary contingencies of … Continue reading

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Auditland (pdf) Andrew Murphie

“Audit—the ongoing evaluation of performance—began as a fairly narrow range of technical procedures in financial accounting. However, it has now expanded its range to “account” for a wide range of behaviours, thoughts and feelings, in the workplace and elsewhere. This … Continue reading

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Human Augmentation Research w/ Jaron Lanier & Sebastian Thrun

“Virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier and artificial intelligence technologist Sebastian Thrun talked about the work of Douglas Engelbart, an early computer and internet engineer who invented the computer mouse and helped develop hypertext and networked computers.”

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