The Cybernetic Anthropocene w/ Nick Dyer-Witheford

synthetic zero

“The combination of automation, logistical command and financialization that enabled the mid-twentieth century’s “cybernetic revolution” has raised to a new intensity a fundamental dynamic of capitalism – its drive to simultaneously induct populations into waged labour and expel them as un- or under-employed superfluous to its increasingly machinic systems. Digitization has accelerated this “moving contradiction” (Marx 1973: 106), creating a cyclonic process that, on the one hand, envelopes the globe in networked supply chains and agile production systems, making labour available to capital on a planetary scale, and, on the other, drives towards development of adept automata and algorithmic software that renders such labour redundant. In this whirlwind, the traditional, Euro-centrically conceived, stereotypically male “working class” of the global northwest is disintegrating into both a strata of technology professionals, tending to identification with digital capital, though shot through with hacker proclivities and, a vast pool of un-, under- and vulnerably…

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