Kurdish resistance against curfews


“Many of the youth killed were pursuing the same dreams as the people killed by ISIS in Diyarbakir, Suruç and Ankara. This is the best representation of the people and their struggle against the Turkish state that is trying to annihilate them both within its borders and also in Rojava. Currently, the state has ordered teachers to leave the cities of Cizre and Silopi to prepare for another wave of attacks against civilians: anyone staying in the city will be considered as a terrorist target. Today thousands attended the funeral of these two boys, Şiyar and Şerdıl, despite the curfew. Kurdish people won’t forget their idealist youth who were murdered with police bullets just because they were trying to prove that another world is possible, a world without the state and where every living being can be free. It is now time for anarchists and libertarian socialists globally to take a stance of solidarity with the Kurdish freedom movement and support their demands for peace and self-governance for everyone everywhere.” rest @ http://www.blackrosefed.org/kurdish-resistance-against-the-curfews-in-bakur-an-overview-and-an-anarchist-message/
see also: http://revolution-news.com/curfews-military-ops-and-resistance-eastern-turkey-under-siege-as-kurdish-youth-rebels/


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