Foucault: Civil Society & On Government of the Living

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cover_issue_596_en_USFoucault Studies 20 is now published. It’s a very large issue of 371 pages, all available open access. There is a theme section on ‘Civil Society’, a number of other articles and reviews, and a review symposium on  On Government of the Living.

There is also ‘The Uncollected Foucault‘, a bibliography I compiled of pieces that are not in Dits et écrits, but which are available in some form. As I say in the opening note:

While I have tried to be comprehensive, the nature of the task is such that there are doubtless other pieces that neither I, nor previous editors and bibliographers, have discovered. I have seen all of these pieces and verified the references.

Additions are welcome. Pieces in the bibliography which are available online are listed here, with links.

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