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Rationality, Reason, and Formal Rules: Reflections from the Cold War

What can it mean to be rational, especially in a world that seemed to be on the brink of thermonuclear destruction? During the Cold War, this fundamental question engaged the sharpest minds. Which theories of rationality could be invoked to … Continue reading

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The Neurocognitive Revolution: Triumph or Undoing?

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Originally posted on Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet:
Donald Donald in his Origins of the Modern Mind: Three Stages in the Evolution of Culture and Cognition (1993) once argued the australopithecines were limited to concrete/episodic minds: bipedal creatures able to benefit from…

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Adorno as composer

  Despite Adorno’s hope for social transformation, his influence is (by design) primarily in the academic and cultural spheres, and his critiques of popular culture and music were scathing and sometimes just plain weird. He had a notoriously irrational dislike … Continue reading

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Structuralism, Cybernetics, and Regimes of Attraction

Originally posted on Larval Subjects .:
In the after panel discussions, one of the key questions that came up was that of how I account for the work that the concept of structure is trying to do.  It was Peter Gratton…

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The New Faces of Populism

The Left Flank has a new piece on what they dub the “Trump Paradox” that tries to draw our attention to a Donald Trump that deviates from his usual depiction as a bellicose proto-fascistic. Without ignoring the more extreme positions … Continue reading

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A brief history of the future. w/ Jacques Attali

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Looking Outwards

“In May 2015 I had the opportunity to visit Ljubljana, as guest of the Institute of Labour Studies (successor to the Workers’ and Punks’ University). Invited to speak on my book, Against Austerity, I offered a breezy, general summary of … Continue reading

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Democrat’s Latest Strategy: Far Right Paranoia

Always fun to see self-described “progressives” taking pages from the John Birch Society playbook: Attacks on Bernie Sanders by rival Democrats are likely to turn increasingly to his record on the economy and foreign affairs, according to a new dossier … Continue reading

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US PsyOps ghost tape #10

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Gregory Bateson in the Weirdlands

While prepping some materials on Gregory Bateson for my work in progress, I was perusing the University of California, Santa Cruz’s Inventory of the Gregory Bateson Papers. While Bateson was known for his interest in what Andrew Pickering, following W. Grey … Continue reading

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