Lee Braver on Philip K. Dick’s “Ubik” as Postmodern Gnosticism

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

By such a title I do not mean to imply that Dick or Braver for that matter are religious gnostics by any means, but rather that they affirm a positive-feedback loop of information and communication with “more than rational” notions of time, self, and cosmos. More of a secular and ironic twist to gnostic thought than an affirmation of some acosmic God. Dick as Braver shows in his Coin-Operated Doors and God: A Gnostic Reading of Philip K. Dick’s Ubikwill offer a reading that shows just how difficult it is to reduce our inner experience or outer environmental systems to a verbal universe through art or science, religion or fiction. We live on the borderlands of truth rather than at its core, and everything is caught in the act of change rather than in the static field of static contemplation. We know in part, not whole; our minds are but the slow…

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