It’s not easy being the Green Party, but it’s better than voting Democrat

The Real Movement

The strengths and weaknesses of the Green Party platform

For those who can’t see themselves voting for a candidate from the Party of Slavery, Jim Crow Segregation and War  — no matter how ‘progressive’ or ‘socialist’ that candidate might market himself — an alternative might be The Green Party. The Green Party has an advantage for the Left that it has already made the effort to break with the Party of the KKK, Lynch Mobs and Obama Drones.

SANDERS OBAMAWhile a candidate like Bernie Sanders might promise he will break with the neoliberal policies of Obama and Clinton, the Green Party has already begun to break with those policies.

The problem, as I will show, is that the Green Party’s break with the Democratic Party hasn’t yet advanced beyond organization. The Green Party signals the limitations of its break with the Party of the Cold War by adopting much of…

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