The Capitalocene: – China Miéville and the Limits of Utopia

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

Each day we seem to do the same thing, repeat the same ill-founded gestures, tell ourselves it’ll get better, that the news can’t be that bad, that somewhere over the next horizon there’s a silver lining with our name on it. This is what Fredric Jameson after Ernst’s Bloch’s three-volume The Principle of Hope termed the ‘utopian impulse’:

[T]he lifework of Ernst Bloch is there to remind us that Utopia is a good deal more than the sum of its individual texts. Bloch posits a Utopian impulse governing  everything  future-oriented  in life and culture; and  encompassing everything  from games  to  patent medicines,  from myths  to  mass  entertain­ment,  from  iconography  to  technology,  rom  architecture  to  eros,  from tourism to  jokes  and the  unconscious.1

The Limits of Utopianism

Yet, as China Miéville in his The Limits of Utopia reminds us:  “We need utopias. That’s almost a given in activism. If…

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