Exit Strategies: Kickstarter Projects for Leaving Capitalism?

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

One could imagine a Kickstarter Project: Exit the Future or The Promethean Projeckt … the creation of an exit strategy game that allows the disaffected of world to participate. Hype it for both technologic fixes, and old school. Set certain parameters and variables to pit Left and Right forms with/against and encourage real world solutions only. Show the extreme forms of Left and Right accelerationist or exodus ideologies, egregores, memes, viral agents, hyperstitions enacting the various strategies.

Bring together scientists, philosophers, scholars from various multi-disciplines, developers, architects, SF authors, etc. Encourage interactive solutions based on existing functional and modular designs or other forms to be tested. Make it an Open Source distribution with multiple applications for specific global/local problems/issues…

A near future real world game that actually is a real-time solution game to solve crisis issues facing us. A sort of bid for developing end-game solutions to tackle real world issues:…

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