Nuit Debout as Heterotopia: Some Early Thoughts

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Since March 31st, protestors in the Place de La République in Paris have been convening every evening, staying in place the full night as part of the ‘Nuit Debout’ protests. The protests, which began in opposition to the ‘Loi Travail’ labour laws, form part of the wider series of anti-austerity, anti-neoliberalist protests by young people in Europe that date back to the Occupy movement. Indeed, ‘Nuit Debout’ translates roughly as ‘here all night’ and this implies a strength and permanence that the term occupy also sought.


Image published on Twitter by Céline Burr, @CygneDistinctif (no affiliation)

As this image of events scheduled for one night of protests shows, the protests have spread to discuss a wide-range of issues (a ‘climate commission’ and a ‘feminist commission’ are shown).  The Nuit Debout movement is evolving into a movement for discussion and debate aimed at creating, as one protestor told Le…

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