The Politics of Exclusion: Disappearances, Prohibitions, and Expulsions

Southern Nights

burma_400People continue reverting to identitarian politics as if it were even relevant in our global world and context, when what’s happening on all fronts and everywhere in the social, cultural, and economic realms is the very hidden and less obvious truth of disappearances, prohibitions, and exclusions. The Neoliberal Apollonian culture of the eye lives in a false world of deco-punk chrome and glamour, while the poor, the excluded, and prohibited live in the dystopian tin hovels on the outskirts… of the Global Cities of Light. We’ve become used to a global culture of violence: World Wide Wrestling, Soccer, Football, UFC… the neoliberal panoply of the spectacle of violence coarsens us to its real and actual impact at street level, while glorifying it in our media-tainment systems.

Romanticizing the spectacle of violence of our cartoon superheroes, Hollywood icons, and Sports superstars, while swiping the real violence of Third-World degradation and corruption under the…

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