Orphan Drift: Everting The Virtual w/ Maggie Roberts

Mer.Maggie Roberts. Orphan Drift’s Videos

synthetic zerØ

“Maggie Roberts aka MER presents the work of the collaborative artist 0rphan Drift, tracing its emergence as a prescient hive mind in London’s cyber and electronic counter cultures in the 90’s; through its collaborations with the CCRU; post millennial multi screen video works and its current presence organized by time travel, via climate change and bio-science. It has always manifested science fictional pathways and arrivals, producing iterations and investigations in multiple media: collage, video and animation, sound, actions and writing, with a visibly embedded friction between digital and analogue signal, often achieved through remixing and feedback loops between media. The work engages though an amplified tension between the experiential and the speculative, pointing out their material co-existence.” http://www.orphandriftarchive.com/

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