>ect 5 Abstract Market Theory w/ Jon Roffe

>ect podcast

>ect is joined by Jon Roffe, who helps us to unpack some of the key conceptual coordinates of his recently published Abstract Market Theory.

The market plays an increasingly dominant, if not totalising role in the structuring of global(&local) habits(&habitations) in the 21st century. Yet despite its ubiquitous nature, philosophy has for the most part neglected to properly think the market. Abstract Market Theoryemerges as a potential corrective to this absence, seeking to carve out a properly philosophical space in which the market qua market can be conceptually grasped.

What is the being of the market, and can we think it? What is the difference between price and value? And what is the market’s relation to the social?


“data for shm” by buttechno
“Frictional Nevada” by Venetian Snares


☠ Roffe (2015) “Abstract Market Theory” ☠

Ayache (2014) “The Writing of the Market”

Meillassoux (2012) “Iteration reiteration repetition”


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