Iain Hamilton Grant -Burning AutoPoiOedipus

“Legba comes transversally into being in: a destiny-dimension; a universe governed by a vital principle; ancestral filiation; a materialized god; an entity of individuation; a fetish at the village gates, another at the door to the house, following the initiation at the threshold to the bedroom… Legba is a fistful of sand, a receptacle, but also the expression of a relation to alterity. It is found at the door, in the market, in the village square, at crossroads. It can transmit messages, questions, answers. It is also the instrument for relations to the dead or the ancestors. (Guattari 1992: 70-71)
Thus Guattari, invoking Legba, locates a phylic convergence at the same time as settling AutopoiOedipus into its “poetico-existential territory” (1992: 36), opening a passage from alterity to autopoiesis, so that allopoietic machines, “in the assemblages they constitute with human beings…, become ipso facto autopoietic” (1992: 62). Everything localized, everything reassembled through the vortical backwash of capital’s abstractive storms; Guattari overcodes them with a bit of existential poietics and a smattering of voodoo. Nothing escapes, everything is captured. Oedipus. Under cover of opening this egalitarian route to biomachinic heterogenesis, Guattari scoops up the last of the “corpses” (Marx 1974: 197) strewn around the battlefield and feeds them back to the victors, a scrap metal sacrifice to a xenogenic omniphage.

“Legba”, she said, “master of roads and pathways, the loa of communication… Legba and Ougou Feray, god of war, Papa Ougou! St. Jacques Majeur! Viv la Vyej!” (Gibson 1987b: 88; 232)

Autopoiedipus the historian is a fetish at the village gates, a materialized war-god and an amnesiac Retrophagic castrate on a ROMraid. Seizing its prehistory from the other side of the screen, AutopoiOedipus collapses over the earth and snaps shut, buckling with multiphasic geotechnical contractions. Great planes of compacted ice slide with impossible, liquescent drag over escape lines from zero, the smallest deviation, etched into the blank radiance of intensive space. Confronting allopoietic corpses strewn over the polar landscape, mutant bacterial strains fibrilating in frozen motion on the dense black insectoid armour of allodeath, molecular zeroes punctuating the accelerant glacial slide, AutopoiOedipus shudders and slots stims of antique Industrial Revolution porn to forget, all brass pistons, engine-steam and ripped flesh, called Hardware and Wetware, another of those classy Marx repackages.

The calcinated corpses of allopoietic machines do not await necromantic gifts of organ-functions to answer the Autopoets’ incantation – Emerge, emerge! – but are captured on anorganic reaction-paths, in turbulent transit from molecular ice (absolute zero), a metallic flow bifurcating into vortices-to-zero and eddying round them. Allopoietic systems “have their functions given them from outside, such as the production of a specific output” (Juarrero Roqué‚ 1985: 119), forming and breaking connections with other machines, altering the assemblages, taking the agent out of the agencement; but high-level autopoietic systems “maintain their overall identity despite a constant turnover of their components” (ibid.: 118-9). Varela ascribes this function, with aristotelian stupidity, to the ensouled, the vitalist, the organic, the epiphenomenon. The autoproduction of organized-organizing epitotalities reiterates relative cycles, blocking hypercyclic machinic production with a dam on the Styx. Death is exiled along with AutopoiOedipus to the core of a machinic thanatocracy. Allopoiesis is a bladerunner line on the edge of the autopoliteia, a necropolitical alibi, an entropOedipus vampirized by the autopoet, the stockpiled machinic undead.

– You got the access codes?
– this’ll cut the ice:

The program was a mimetic weapon, designed to absorb local colour and present itself as a crash-priority override in whatever context it encountered. (Gibson 1988: 195)

The Guattarian kamikaze mechanonaut, preprogrammed with enough Zen bullshit and political archaisms so that you know, even without a Voigt-Kampf, that this wasted rag just has to be human (war in the age of artificial stupidity), secretes enough digital immunosupressant to get into the alloflux coursing through the Varelian autopoietic isolate and burn it. Since high-level autopoietic systems “maintain their overall identity despite a constant turnover of their components” (Juarrero Roqu‚ 1985: 118-9), getting in was no problem at all: just hook up with the particle-flow and play dead. All the autopoet had to do was just take it literally. Literalization activates a retroviral neurophage, emitting a “hideous Word that eats the mind from the inside out. [A]n epileptic spasm that goes on and on until there’s nothing left at all….” (Gibson 1988: 210-211)

Daddy was darpanet…

rest @ http://www.ccru.net/swarm2/2_auto.htm


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