Antibiotic Resistance a Symptom of Consumerist Liberalism

“So, we learn that E. Coli bacteria have broken through the last barrier separating our society from nothing less than the end of modern medicine, potentially (“Antibiotics are dead”, 19 Nov.). Is this going to be the moment when as a civilisation at last we start to take the antibiotics crisis seriously? The moment when it is almost too late to do anything about it?
If so, then it behooves us to take this moment to look more deeply into the way that the precious and irreplaceable resource of antibiotics has been squandered. For this is more than just a disaster-in-waiting for the health of each and every one of us. It serves as an indictment of our culture’s ruling principles. For this could only happen in a culture that prizes individual choice above all and that therefore refuses to put the common good above the whims of time-pressed doctors employing antibiotics as placebos, patients who as consumers demand them in the absence of sound medical rationale, and the short-termist practices of industrialised farming. We need to recalibrate our culture and reintroduce the balance that comes from giving due weight to the public good in matters of public health. A national health service should serve the health of the nation, the public, and not have its ability to achieve that goal compromised by pandering to consumerist principles.”
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