Mark Fisher: Designer Communism
“Contemporary capitalism privatises design, associating it with the production of elite commodities. Yet capitalist society is anything but designed. As the neoliberal project disintegrates, amidst a whole series of systemic pathologies – widespread economic collapse, desocialisation, existential devastation, aesthetic poverty and looming eco-catastrophe – it’s time to definitely reclaim design as a communist value. Neoliberalism’s official claims to have increased ‚freedom‘ and ‚management‘ are examples of negation by simulation. The real aim of the neoliberal project has been to cede practically all agency to the blind automatism of capital. The concept of a designed society entails the return of a different kind of agency, and the raising of forms of consciousness that neoliberalism has deflated. What would such a society look like, and how can it be created?”


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alienist @ large, mostly on foot
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