Review: Cyber-Proletariat by Nick Dyer-Witheford

“Without a doubt, the vigorous organization and concentration of the masses in democratic and socialist struggles is critical”, well it would be critical if it was a real possibility…

The Tiger Manifesto


After reading about this book on a comrade’s blog, I quickly procured a copy and read through it within two days. One of the reasons I set other readings aside to focus on this book is that it tantalized me with a “harder” analysis of the impact of high technology on global capitalism. Though my primary research area these days is Japanese history, it’s obvious to me that a deeper knowledge of the general principles guiding high-tech development and how it transforms the global systems is essential to understanding more specific areas of knowledge. I was not at all familiar with Dyer-Witheford’s work, so when I began I had no preconceptions beyond the snippets of text that Bombard the Headquarters published. What I found was a book that, correctly I believe, embeds its discussions about information technology in the actual labour process, and in particular areas of production like…

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