As social media centralized, blogging’s core infrastructure has withered

synthetic zero

“When “social media” meant “blogs,” there were many tools, services and protocols that comprised an infrastructure for federated, open, loosely joined interaction: the rise of the social giants has killed off much of this infrastructure, all but erasing it from our memories. Anil Dash compares the services and tools available in the new centralized web, and the new advantages of centralization, and also the lost functionality that disappeared with independent blogging. It must be said that some of these tools were already in critical condition as centralization took off, killed by the spam and other parasitic infestations that are endemic to complex, open ecosystems.

At the same time as early social tools were developing the ability for humans to follow other humans, users were recognizing that they wanted their software and tools to be able to subscribe to updates from their favorite sites. This could be for the purposes…

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