Exits to the Posthuman Future

“Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, If everything today is marked by panic control—over-coded, over-normalized, over-secured, over-mediated, over-measured– this is probably because the reality-principle has been shaken to its core by a fundamental technological wobble. More than ever, the future appears in purely astronomical form as a fatal precession of things where all the traditional polarities of society and culture suddenly reverse, with the result that events are understandable today only by an imaginary of mirror images. Now that life has become a series of complex but no less seductive exits to the posthuman future, only that which is confidently offlabel—fractured, incommensurable, bifurcated, unreconciled—can provide a way to ride the violent shockwaves accompanying the precession of society. Offlabel, therefore, as the name given to a form of posthuman imagination that fully reveals the hauntologies, disavowals, and silences of the technological dynamo that has crashed the game(s) of reality.”

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