What the f**k is social reproduction? An introduction by Plan C


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4 Responses to What the f**k is social reproduction? An introduction by Plan C

  1. landzek says:

    cool. thought provoking. Im not sure of the conclusion is commensurate with the premises. I like the premises; I tend to agree that there is a kind of ‘wholistic’ kind of human reproduction occurring that extends into the furthest reaches of our Being/activity. But I am not sure that the brand conclusion that appears as a specificity is really coherent as it sounds.
    Im not sure.

    I tend to say:

    I would say the simple version is that we have do not have sufficient purchase upon our reproductive apparatus, and the notion of a sort of ‘objective’ ability for self correction is itself a part of the capitalized identity of being human. This is to say that the idea that our mode of being can be categorized in an essential manner by the terms we use to describe it such that the terms indeed become tools or ‘leverages’ by which to change our situation is a redundant operation based in a religious type maxim of faith: Feudalism, say, says morning of the daily activity of people except in as much as we are invested in a certain manner of seeing (-being) something that is not capitalism; for example, I may work as a programmer, and like my work but complain about long hours, lame management, ‘low’ pay, etc… but these complaints do not change if I were to be a ditch digger. The perspectives that we have upon any situation of our doing/being are such that our views have little to do with what we are doing, and mostly with our attitude. Yet, our attitude is never overcome for the present situation in which we have the complaint. Only with a specific horizon of ethical activity, a specific ideal of war we are ‘worth’ grants us a relative ‘manifest destiny’ of ‘free will’ and agency. These all contained an determined by the capitalist state.

    To ask into reproduction merely reproduced the capital that we are as we ask such questions.

    The problem with stating the matter in this fashion is that it is offensive to the free state which is determine our idea of Being. For such invested identities, such announcements call forth an uncomfortable idea of Being, i.e. determined, which then shows just how capitalism has us regardless of what sort of free agency we which to apply, and regardless of what terms we use to identify our state.

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