Steve Bannon’s Global Revolt?
around 54 min David Harvey on near universal alienation:

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6 Responses to Steve Bannon’s Global Revolt?

  1. edmundberger says:

    This is the last thing I needed to watch while eating breakfast

    On a more serious note though, I’m extremely alarmed how these networks grew over the last two years and primed themselves for taking political power in plain sight without people saying much of anything. I know I spent a lot of time chortling at stupid Breitbart articles on “cultural Marxism,” conspiracy theories none the wiser that they were integrating themselves with pan-European right-wing networks, more-hawkish-than-neocons in the US foreign policy establishment, xenophobic think-tanks with political power, etc.

    • dmf says:

      ah yeah sorry about that, indeed it is alarming and needing of some study into the levels and modes of coordination (Putin is supporting left and right in his attempts to further destabilize the EU), just saw a retweet from Rand Paul about his great meeting with Nigel Farage, been doing some digging into the old America Firsters with help from local history profs who studied the Nazis

      • edmundberger says:

        At the suggestion of the good folks over at Obsolete Capitalism I’ve been looking at some of the modern philosophers of the far-right and the third position, many of whom (such as Aleksandr Dugin) are connected to Richard Spencer types domestically and Putin’s circles internationally. There is an overlap between overt coordination – geopolitical destabilization – and the more philosophical and political rejections of (neo)liberal globalization that are emerging from the bottom-up. Dangerous times for sure, and while I fully expect things at the level of governance (in the US at least) to be an ever-increasing dilapidated shitshow, I’m worried a lot about mid-levels of governance and elements on the ground who think they have a mandate taking matters into their owns. Not that the executive level won’t be bad (it absolutely, absolutely will be), I think it will marked by a lot of factionalism, in-fighting and general breakdown of governing systems – which will be turned into propagandized talking points for the grassroots loony right.

        I think I may have emailed it you sometime back, but did you ever check out Sara Diamond’s phd dissertation “Right-Wing Movements in the United States”? Lots of good info on the Old Right, America Firsters, etc.

      • dmf says:

        will check Diamond out thanks, not as worried about the philosophers (except as symptoms) as I am about the PR firms and the money-players behind it all. Indeed Trump’s admin is already resembling his own fragmentary psyche all depends on how much the Repugs in the other branches can use bits and pieces of that for their ends, but as you say this will allow all the forces that Obama and folks where trying to at least keep tabs on (police depts etc) if not contain to follow their base impulses.

  2. dmf says:

    from the NYT “I don’t want them moving out of the country without consequences,” Mr. Trump said, even if that means angering the free-market-oriented Republicans he beat in the primaries but will have to work with on Capitol Hill.
    “The free market has been sorting it out and America’s been losing,” Mr. Pence added, as Mr. Trump interjected, “Every time, every time.”

  3. dmf says:,-a-Putin-project
    Among populists, white nationalists and neo-Nazis, Vladimir Putin is widely revered as a kind of white knight

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