Extrastatecraft -Colonization of Infrastructure

“This seminar brings together Keller Easterling and two scholars from Diyarbakır, architect/planner Zeynep Akıncı and Mezra Öner; to discuss the relation between state and infrastructure on the basis of different spatial examples.
In her recent book Extrastatecraft, Easterling claims that infrastructure is an active form: “Infrastructure space is a form, but not like a building is a form; it is an updating platform unfolding in time to handle new circumstances, encoding the relationships between buildings, or dictating logistics.” As a zone, infrastructure is a “form of extrastatecraft, which far from overwhelming state power,” becomes “a new partner that strengthens the state by serving as its proxy or camouflage.” Akıncı’s work focuses on forms of “extrastatecraft” grounded in the design of ecological infrastructures. Öner works on waste /garbage management as urban infrastructure.”

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