What comes after cybernetics? Acceleration.

“Heidegger’s dispirited response that after philosophy comes cybernetics seems increasingly prescient. Like Heidegger, Land’s entire “system” is a sprawl and it’s never entirely clear what the object of concern is, terrestrial capitalism, alien intelligence, the inhuman, cryptography and so on. This perhaps helps explain the dearth of secondary literature on Land despite clear interest in his work. What does exist is a mutation of his system that barely resembles it at all, the routine academic Marxist position known frustratingly as accelerationism, but more properly should be prefixed as left, since it is derivative from the original. However, let us focus on accelerationism proper, in its right-wing form, under conditions where its predictive power — whether it terms of populism, exit, or the alt-right — has been shown effective. Where Land has most neatly expressed his vision, at least in systematic terms, is in Teleoplexy: Notes on Acceleration. This is a piece of writing that makes little attempt to explain, preferring instead to leave clues for the reader. In what follows I excavate three such clues, loosely (this is not formalisable stuff): [a] the temporality characteristic of our cybernetic age thrives on de-materialisation, [b] markets exhibit patterns that allow us to grasp processes of intelligence exceeding our own, and [c] the most important phenomena to track are those tethered to technogenesis or singularity.”

rest @ https://medium.com/@paulennis/what-comes-after-cybernetics-acceleration-5646e70013c0#.ut7brjc1b

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