Pirate Philosophy & Post-Capitalism

“In this interview, Gary Hall argues that if we are to move to a post-capitalist society, we need to experiment with new ways of being and doing that are based less on ideas of self-centred individualism, competition and celebrity, and more on openness, collaboration and the gift. The university, he suggests, is somewhere we can actualise such alternative modes of thinking and working, as it is one of the few spaces in post-industrial society where the forces of contemporary neoliberalism are still being overtly opposed, to a certain extent at least. A persona he proposes we adopt in order to do so is that of the pirate, this being for him someone who tries, teases and troubles as well as attacks our existing economic, legal and political models.”

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13 Responses to Pirate Philosophy & Post-Capitalism

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  2. S.C. Hickman says:

    I sometimes think we need to rephrase that to “If we want to move to a post-Democratic Society we must…” Why? We’ve spent the better part of sixty years (the whole Postmodern project!) of wiping the notion of the liberal humanist Subject off the planet, so the very foundations of Liberal Humanism which was the private property of Selfhood has been effaced, and the democratic conceptions to which it was the securitization of public and private property have been elided. So democracy itself is a mute issue now and capitalism under the regime of most illusory thought has already flown the coup from democracy and communism as well.

    What is left is not so much capitalism as the complete systems of a Neo-Laissez-faire Corporatism based on the transactions between corporate not private parties that are free from government interference such as regulations, privileges, tariffs, and subsidies. Globally we’ve seen the modern States of China, India, Russia, EU, and U.S.A. become Corporate States rather than political entities of old. Closer to the Neo-Cameralism of Fredrich the Great in which Sovereignty is bound not to the singular individual but to the CEO in charge who like Putin or the Chinese Council or even our duopolistic governing powers in U.S.A. or the Belgium Hit Squad Bankers are all beyond politics. Politics will in the decades to come become more and more a thing forgotten as people depend more and more of Security, Protection, and a Base Income for Life and Happiness. (Yes, it’s a farce… but it is coming to this: a Well Managed world Society with stagecraft oppositions carefully orchestrated much in the manner of Orwell’s tripartite system of war in 1984).

    The real Left is Dead, sadly. What is left is gutless tripe… words, words, and more words, but the truth is no one has the guts to act anymore. So what I write above seems to be where we’re heading, and probably much darker and deadlier than that. Sadly. Watching the preview through friends eyes in India, the Island states, and surrounding areas that are already experiencing genocide, hunger, famine, disease, fascism, hatred, plunder, darkness… as the Sixth Extinction takes hold, and as Climate Change in the decades to come can no longer be denied the world will fall away into chaos and destruction because no one has the guts now to take a stand, to truly arouse the great tide necessary to overcome the inertia of the world.

    • dmf says:

      sure I think @evgenymorozov (search “welfare” here on the blog) and co. have laid out a pretty reasonable account of our entry into neo-feudalism, my only quibble with yer diagnosis is I don’t think it’s just a matter of guts or otherwise taking a stand I think we lack the very means of organizing any resistance in kind (scale/power/etc) it just gives me a moment’s pleasure to read about news like: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/dec/02/iceland-pirate-party-invited-form-government-coalition

      • S.C. Hickman says:

        I’m not seeing neo-feudalism as much as monopoly platform capitalism. Even the old style Corporations are done, so feudal cameralism is a no go. And direct democracy? A fools errand which will lead to open warfare in the street. The world is market-driven and bound to it in subtle ways that override all politics… politics in our age is a shame. After watching the pathetic leftwing progressives of late and their own reactionary diatribes I’m lead to believe that politics on left and right is a mute issue, all show and glory with little to persuade the corporations to change their behavior except as you see in Trump with his tax break policies which will throw all taxation back on the populace. The only way to resolve it is to dismantle the Great Bureaucracies that have grown the Government and State beyond our founders wildest expectations…. it’s the Bureaucracies that are the Enemy of the People rather than government per se… and their controlled by the Plutocrats and Oligarchs.

      • dmf says:

        ah yeah for Evgeny neo-feudalism is monopoly platform capitalism, our systems (finance, pollution, etc) have become too complex to be managed at the scales of our states and all so they are failing left and right (with the added pushes and pulls of interested powers), when the states do finally topple all the corporations will go down with them, so it is with parasites. As for those of us underfoot during the clashes of the titans…

      • S.C. Hickman says:

        Your sounding more like Nick Land every day…

      • dmf says:

        he’s more optimistic than i

      • S.C. Hickman says:

        haha… yeah! šŸ˜‰

      • dmf says:

        in his own way he strikes me as a techno-utopian and what’s with the climate denial?

      • S.C. Hickman says:

        oh is he on a climate denial kick? not sure…

      • dmf says:

        like many of the folks in Silicon Valley he seems not to grasp all of the enabling infrastructure needed to afford us daily life, it’s a tricky thing to foreground for folks who can take it for granted b/c it works, sort of Heidegger’s hammer writ large, saw a funny tweet the other day about a brave band of billionaires exposing the secret worldwide cabal of climate scientists.

      • S.C. Hickman says:

        But I am become more favorable to the pragmatic approach again… because of the illusions that most people have led themselves into down other paths.

      • dmf says:

        works for me, if ya get a chance check out Keller Easterling in the beginning of:

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