Requiem for Left Accelerationism


“It did left-accelerationism no favours that its proponents were largely on the fringes: theorists, philosophers, artists. Left-accelerationism’s praxis was non-existent. Its speculations, however positive, never materialized. Its designs remained stuck fetichizing a cognitive mapping of a past that never saw the light of day, merely the darkness of the night. Ideas of fully automated luxury communism were floated around, and were even warned against by left-accelerationism’s opponents. But its futures, merely local, academic and largely seen as something to flirt with, but never espouse, were defenestrated by a lack of actual practitioners with some chance of constructing a hegemony. The space reserved for its non-existent engineers, designers, traders, bankers or subjects was eventually filled by activism, that which moves without thought, or with little to none regard of it. With mere sloganeering, left-accelerationism’s popular modernism was crushed by its lack of praxis.”
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