Digital Health/Digital Capitalism: Will Davies, economics, data and wellness

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For this week’s podcast I spoke to Will Davies about his work on the strange convergence between economics, psychology, happiness and “wellness”. He is a Reader in Political Economy at Goldsmiths  and co-director of the Political Economy Research Group. A lot of what we discussed were issues and ideas related to his books The Happiness Industry and The Limits of Neoliberalism and he has written for The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post,The New Statesman, and The Atlantic amongst others.

Some of the early economists and proto-psychologists who Will mentioned were William Stanley Jevons and perhaps most influentially Jeremy Bentham. He also briefly discussed Wilhelm Wundt’s development of the first psychological laboratory and psychophysics approach of Gustav Fechner.

He also mentioned Ludwig von Mises, and Friedrich Hayek who suggested markets are a bit like laboratories as we create…

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