Deleuze: What is Called Thinking?

Larval Subjects .

A delicate problem animates chapter 3 ofDifference and Repetition. Deleuze wants to defend a pure concept of difference, an account of difference in itself, yet our experience is representational through and through. Everywhere we are creatures of habit thatrecognize beings and therefore do not encounter difference. We subordinate the beings of our experience to the same, similar, and the identical, assimilate what we experience to what wehave experienced. Wesenist gewesen. What, then, authorizes Deleuze to claim that there is something like difference in itself? Is it not the case, as Hegel and Kant perhaps suggested, that everything is always already mediated or subordinated to the logic of representation (identity in the concept, analogy in the judgment, opposition among predicates, and resemblance in perception)?

In chapter 3 ofDifference and Repetition Deleuze will present what might be called a sort of “anti-phenomenology” that authorizes an appeal…

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