Make Your Browsing Noiszy


This is a guest post by Angela Grammatas, a digital analytics consultant specializing in worldwide implementations of online analytics tools.  She loves powerful data, but doesn’t love having artificial intelligence use it in creepy ways. She also has synesthesia and paints numbers (Instgram @angelagrammatas).

This week, the US Congress voted to allow ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to collect and sell your internet data without your consent.  Erasing your web data – or not allowing any to be collected in the first place – is getting more difficult, and less effective.  Hiding from data collection isn’t working.

It’s time for a completely different approach.  Instead of restricting our data, it’s time to create more – a lot more.  A flood of meaningless data could create a noisy cover that makes our true behavior hard to understand.  This could be a path to bursting the filter bubble, one person at a time. …

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